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Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

Cara Memilih Carrier

How to choose the right rucksack

26 June 2008 15:51


Choose the right rucksack to carry your gear across the hills by checking the essential features that will really make a difference to you.

Primary use
Buy a rucksack designed for your preferred activity. They're often broken down under these category names:

– ’sacks for fast action like running and biking.
General walking – a non-specific general day walker’s rucksack
Hill-walking – more technical than above – better for hill users as it has ice axe loops, compression straps, wand pockets and trekking pole attachment methods
Mountaineering – more technical than hill-walking ’sacks, being narrow, stable, lightweight and ideal for scrambling, climbing and mountaineering.
Expedition – bigger capacity, twin internal compartments, ideal for long distance paths, hut-to-hut trips and any time that you need to carry a tent and sleeping bag.

The carrying capacity of a rucksack is measured in litres. To give you some idea of how much volume you need, the following is a useful guide:
Under 10 litres – short or fast trips
10-25 litres – fast action or superlight trips
25-35 litres – short valley and hill walks
35-45 litres – hill and mountain walking, scrambling and mountaineering
45-55 litres – winter hill-walking, mountaineering, hut-to-hut trips, short or lightweight camping expeditions
55-75 litres – camping expeditions, long distance paths
Over 75 litres – camping expeditions to remote locations.

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