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Selasa, 18 Desember 2012


How to make "Wajan Bolic"

Sumber http://itassociate.blogspot.com/2010/05/how-to-make-wajan-bolic.html
Create a wireless Antenna from WajanBolic

I. Prepare the materials
-> 1 pan with a diametre 36" (bigger diametre will be better)
-> 1 Thin PVC Paralon with a diametre: 3" 1 metre
-> 2 pieces of doff 3" (PVC Paralon's Cap)
-> 1 Aluminium foil

-> bolts + screw with a size 12 or 14
-> N connector female
-> Copper Wire

II. Equipment
-> Ruler, Knife/Cutter, Tin solder, Hacksaw, Double-sided tape

III. Installation step-by-step
1) Prepare all the ingredients and equipment needed
2) Punch a hole right in the middle of frying pan, the size of a bolt 12 or 14, just one hole only.
3) Find the point of focus from the feeder with this formula:
    f = D^2 / (16*d)

4) Cut paralon 30 cm long, then give it a sign for feeder distance(area where there is no
aluminium foil),
To determine the length of its feeder use the formula above.
5) Give a hole to lay on the paralon N Connector, so, use the formula antenna cans.
6) Cut the copper wire that had been prepared in accordance with the size of the calculation.
Then soldered it on the N connector that has been prepared.
7) Wrap the paralon with aluminum foil on the area other than feeder without glue, you can glue them with a double-sided tape
7) Attach the N connector to the PVC paralon that has been drilled
8) Then, the pan that had been drilled, paired it with the other doff, before that punch a hole right to the doff according the size of the bolts that had been prepared and tighten it sufficiently
10) Then attach the PVC paralon to the pan that had been attached with the doff
11) Wajan Bolic is ready for browsing.

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